My name is Diana Grandmason. I currently reside in the Tampa Bay area of Central Florida where I am close to my family and friends.

I was born and raised in a small country suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan. My astrological sign is that of the sensitive and creative Pisces. My parents were married for 60 years before my father passed away in 2009. I have 3 siblings, 3 of my own children and 1 growing grandbaby. I am twice divorced.

My professional career began in 1991 after being a stay at home mom for 10 years until all 3 kids entered school. I went back to school attending night school when I was approved for a grant to attend a business college. I received my Paralegal certification in 1991 and began working for an attorney in civil litigation, real estate transactions, construction liens and collections and probate, trusts and estates. I worked there for a year handling 20% of the firms practice until moving into the financial arena at a Michigan bank in the Security Department. There, I worked on tracking and reporting banking crimes such as check kiting, embezzlement and counterfeit monies.

I transferred with this bank to Florida in 1994 when they bought the failed bank, Golddome. I was hired for the Brokerage Division which had been shut down for 2 years. There, I worked to help rebuild their investment and brokerage division taking 42 bank platform staff through the testing and training process to offer annuities and other insurance products inside the bank. Laws changed to allow banks to offer these investment vehicles. This is where my strong compliance background was born. Our Michigan home office depended on me to train all staff and management on the rules as we began to market and sell insurance products through the bank branch system. I was a fast learner and liked the structure. While the department head literally had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized, I took over the responsibility for our Florida brokerage division and we passed all our audits!

I received my Series 7 license becoming a registered Stock Broker and my Dept. of Florida Insurance license to become an Insurance Agent during the 4.5 years I worked at First of America. I decided to move from operations to sales after becoming licensed so I moved to Prudential Insurance Company and became 3rd top sales agent out of 51 agents in my region. I qualified for the Top Producers Conference my first year. It was a wise choice to have left the bank when I did. They were bought out by Barnett Bank and then got absorbed and lost along the way.

I worked at Prudential for a year and then left with my sales manager and another rep to open the Insurance and Financial Planning Division of a small boutique investment firm with 2 seats on the NYSE. After 3 years of success there, we transferred the division to the company and opened our own independent OSJ (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction) office where we began with 2 representatives and $200,000 in first year gross commissions.

Under my direct supervision as Chief Operations Officer, over the next 6 years, The Advisor Group of Florida grew into 5 satellite offices and 1 corporate headquarters, 28 representatives, 8 sales assistants and $3.5 million in gross production. We were 3rd in production at AIG, one of the largest broker/dealers in America. During this time, we received 100% on audits performed by our broker/dealers, the State of Florida and the NASD. I was instrumental in bringing paperless audits to our NASD system and the State of Florida Insurance Division brought other auditors to experience the paperless electronic system I created. This was a huge compliment though somewhat intimidating at the same time.

While working for this firm I was a partner in, I worked with powerhouse financial institutions across America to include AIG, Sun America, American Skandia and GE Life and Annuities. I have brokered million dollar deals over the boardroom conference tables of many major financial institutions in our country. I have changed entire policies at these investment companies always trying to strike a sensible balance between NASD compliance, our clients’ investment needs and our reps sales.

After a divorce and breakup of the firm in 2006, I spent 2 years working in the adult entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA. My time since then has been spent working as an activist bringing awareness to sex trafficking inside the porn industry, sharing the information gathered while there. I speak to and train law enforcement, politicians, Non-Profit organizations and religious groups about the secrets of the sex traffickers inside the porn industry and the connection to many of our societal problems related to the increase of and free access to pornography on the internet.

Along the way, I rediscovered my love of writing and became a blogger. I currently have 18 websites of various style. I have been blogging since March of 2008 and have been using Social Media for networking and marketing since. I have loved to read and write my whole life and am happy that I can use my talents to bring positive change to our World.

Today, beyond being a Blogger and Writer, I offer Small Business consulting, Social Media networking and marketing programs and office administrative services both locally and nationally through my virtual home office. I have been a Mobile Notary Signing Agent for real estate and other legal documentation since 2001 covering 5 counties in the State of Florida with over 300 signings covered thus far. I am also currently an undergraduate in Criminal Justice – Computer Crime Investigations and am working toward my A.S. in Digital Forensics.

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